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NETRONIC Software GmbH
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NETRONIC Software GmbH

52076 Aachen

At NETRONIC, our mission is to empower every SMB organization to gain operational agility with visual scheduling. For us, operational agility is a big thing. It translates into faster and better decision making,

happier clients, and making better use of resources. Companies with operational agility are more successful than others. This is what we want to bring to other small and medium sized organization. Visual scheduling is key to make this happen.

As a company, we combine tradition and experience with curiosity and perspective. We were founded in 1975. For more than 40 years, our focus has always been the same. We develop software to visualize time- and resource-oriented planning data. This experience in building Gantt chart software is our core competence. Our DNA is to develop this as software products which we sell globally. Our "traditional" products are tools for software developers. They help them building powerful and flexible Gantt charts.

Yet, we not only have tradition, we also have a perspective. We used our experience and built visual scheduling products for end customers. Based on state-of-the-art technology and "living" in the cloud. So today, we are all about using Gantt charts for visual scheduling. Other than just "Gantt charts", it puts into the foreground what people actually do with our software. This is the idea of our 2nd generation management and owners.

More than 60% of our business is international and our team is international as well: Currently we are 30 people with 9 different nationalities. We are women and men, some of us have more than 30 years of visual scheduling experience and some of us just have joined us, and we all have different hobbies and interest.

Come and work with us!

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